Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Food Memory Maker~ literally!

Sixteen years ago, just days after our honeymoon, I was able to convince my BHE (Best Husband Ever) that it would be well worth it to use some of our wedding gift money to purchase a Kitchen Aid mixer. Skeptical, he agreed, I am sure just to please his pleading bride. Promising to love and cherish my new mixer, we spent the money and brought home my new treasure... And have never looked back.

This mixer has been witness to almost 6,000 days of our lives, and been included in the making of most of them, in one way or another. From beating up pizza dough to whipping mashed potatoes, folding in egg whites to "hooking" the bread, this sweet little machine has working its magic in all of my kitchens. Hardly a day goes by that I am not plugging in this wonder tool to assist me in my cooking creations. Just today, we made a chocolate cake and a cinnamon roll cake together, and there is still frosting to look forward to whipping up!

So does my BHE regret the purchase? Sometimes... when he is helping out with dishes and has to wash that silver bowl and then wash it again... and again. Sigh~ that's love, huh?

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  1. I feel that Kitchen Aid is a wonderful company. When my mixer had a minor cosmetic glitch they replaced the entire mixer -FREE! Now I only buy Kitchen Aid appliances. All of them are well worth the money. Who can beat a company that really does stand behind their product. (No this was not a paid advertisement!)