Monday, August 29, 2011


Several years ago, I decided I wanted to try to grow lavender from seed. I was told that it was difficult, so I went all out and bought two packages of seeds instead of just one. I tucked the seeds in next to the sidewalk leading up to our house, and waited. What was meant to be a pretty little border has grown to be an explosive perfumed hedgerow! (Perhaps it would have been wise to have learned first that lavender is a relative of mint and that it grows up to four feet tall?) The bees and moths and butterflies are delighted; the hummingbirds diligently peruse each tiny purple cup... but my BHE is slightly dismayed. I think he wants the sidewalk back!
In doing a little research, I have learned that lavender is known as the "herb of love." That does seem to explain a bit... I love brushing by it as I come and go. I love gathering huge bundles to bring into the house and to share with friends and neighbors. I love the soft aroma it emits. I would love to do more with it... Came across a recipe for lavender cookies, using the flowers, though other sources consulted commented that the "bitter pungency" of the leaves and flowers make this an herb better suited for sachets.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what to do with an abundance of lovely lavender?


  1. You could make lavender sugar. It tastes wonderful in hot tea. Someone made some and gave it to me as a gift once and I've always wanted to make my own. Here is a link to a fellow blogger on how to make it:
    Also, you could always keep dried lavender around and toss it into a warm fire in the winter.

    -Vanessa Rekow

  2. I use mine to make sachets and just plain bring it in the house for the delicious scent! Do you cut yours back in the fall? It seems to come back so fresh and new in the spring when I do that. Mine (hedge) is about 12 years old now and still brings me joy every spring!

  3. I had a some bread at a french resturant that had lavender and rosemary in it. It was really good! I know how you like to make bread. I have heard of using it in a hot bath... When you have time for one and clean up is easier the next day.. That could use up a lot!I remember seeing your little lavender plants growing! They can be hard to grow and they take a season or two to get to a good size. Congrats on it!! Cher

  4. I also planted some because of the herbal affects. I read that the oil will help headaches. It also can be added to the bath to aid in circulatory system and will help relax the body.
    I myself have not yet tried these. I would be interested in the bread. I think it would make a great flavored sugar glaze.

  5. I have some recipes from a lavender farm we visited in Washington... Lavender Lemonade, Grilled Salmon with Lavendar & Basil, etc... will get them to you.
    I like to throw some dried lavender on the rug when I vaccuum. The smell comes through the vaccuum cleaner and makes it smell nice :)