Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scratch and Sniff Blog Post

My friend Ann asked the other day if it was possible to make the blog edible... Today I wish I could make this a scratch-and-sniff blog. (Anyone out there with Willy Wonka-ish tendencies and know-how?)
In my quest for uses for lavender, I decided to try using my dehydrator --a thoughtful gift from my BHE, sadly just gathering dust on garage shelf-- and see if I couldn't speed along this process of drying the flowers.
Gathering up a big handful of lavender, I spread it out in single layers on each tray of the dehydrator. Soothed by that distinctive lulling lavender aroma, I waited.........................................
About 2 hours later, turned off the dehydrator and allowed the trays to cool. Then gently pulled off the lavender buds. Don't they look pretty in that silver bowl? They smell pretty, too!
Found a clean empty jar with a lid, filled it 3/4 full with granulated sugar, sprinkled on about 2 tablespoons of lavender buds, tightened on the lid, shook well, and now I wait some more!

Coming soon: Lavender Sugar Cookies.... and I will be revisiting that Schmidt's bacon. (Just too good to leave alone!) 'Til tomorrow!

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